Conor McGregor’s Retirement Plan Win Every Belt, Burn UFC Down

Conor McGregor; Belts; UFC; 2016

Say what you will about Conor McGregor – there’s a good chance he’s already said it about himself. But he wasn’t messing around when he promised to be an active champion.

After knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194, McGregor made his plans clear: he wanted to become the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold multiple title belts. He’ll get a shot at doing just that next month when he meets current Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos in the Octagon at UFC 196. Then, if all that goes to plan, McGregor seems determined to add a third belt to his trophy case by making the jump to the Welterweight division.

“Why not go up? They get slower and they get less free up there, I feel,” McGregor told Severe MMA. “They’re stiffer, even more stuck than the Lightweight division. I’ll keep going, I’ll keep eating, keep training and keep going until fucking all the belts are wrapped up.”

At a press conference in January, McGregor said he liked the idea of holding the 170-pound title belt, and he seems determined to make it happen. Ambitious? Sure. But he’ll quickly remind you

Ronda Rousey Apologizes for Posting Altered Photograph


Ronda Rousey

onda Rousey has apologized for posting an edited picture of herself on Instagram, saying it “goes against everything I believe.”

On Thursday, the erstwhile UFC champ posted a photo from her appearance on The Tonight Show, in which she shouted out her hair and makeup team. Hours later, after noticing that the picture had been digitally altered to slim down her arms, she posted that photo next to the original, along with a mea culpa to her fans.

“I have to make an apology to everyone. I was sent a picture to share on social for Fallon that was altered without me knowing to make my arms look smaller,” Rousey wrote. “I won’t say by who – I know it was done with severely misplaced positive intentions – but this goes against everything I believe and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body.

“I can assure you all it will never happen again,” she continued. “I could not be more appalled and hope you all forgive me.”

Last year, a video in which Rousey discussed her physique – and dismissed “Do Nothing Bitches” – became a sensation, and pushed her to the forefront of

Manny Pacquiao on Anti-Gay Backlash ‘I’m Not Bothered’

Manny Pacquiao; Anti-Gay; Backlash

Manny Pacquiao has already apologized for comparing gay people to animals – he’s not going to apologize again.

Last week, Pacquiao, currently running for a Senate seat in his native Philippines, was asked about his stance on same-sex marriage. Given that he’s a conservative Christian, it wasn’t a surprise to learn he’s opposed to it; but then he kept talking, and kicked up a firestorm when he said that same-sex couples are “worse than animals.” In the fallout from those remarks, Nike promptly ended their partnership with him and folks like former WWE star David Bautista called him out for being a “fucking idiot.”

Ask Pacquiao, though, and he’ll say all the criticism doesn’t phase him. Following a training session in General Santos City over the weekend, he stood by his faith and said the chatter basically goes in one ear and out the other.

“I’m not bothered,” said Pacquiao, via Boxing Scene. “That’s the world. I mean, Jesus lives in me, so I’m always happy. Says the Bible, every day has enough troubles of its own, so don’t be bothered about that.”

Speaking of things he should be bothered about, the Philippines elections committee has

Von Miller’s Chicken Farm Is Definitely Happening

Von Miller’s career is going to the birds, and he couldn’t be happier.

The Super Bowl 50 MVP has wanted to be a chicken farmer for a while now. As if the chicken drumstick tattoo he got shortly after being drafted didn’t make his love for poultry crystal clear, he detailed his big dreams to USA Today in 2013 and reaffirmed them while playing video games with Josh Norman and Conan O’Brien before Super Bowl 50.

And on Thursday, Miller stopped by ESPN’s Mike & Mike to talk about how his love of chickens began, and give an update on how his farm is progressing. Surprisingly, it’s all coming together rather quickly.

“Honestly, it started by taking an easy class at Texas A&M,” Miller said. “It started off by taking a basic meat production class. I took that class and, you know, I was interested, and I took another class and my interest started to build a little bit. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and it was just something I could see myself doing. I finished that out and here I am today – I’m a chicken farmer.”

Miller is a visionary, too. Now a free agent, he’s biding his time until

Aaron Rodgers Clears Up the Great Oscars Girl Scout Cookie Controversy

Sunday night’s Oscars telecast left us with several unanswered questions – like “Who is the guy who won Best Supporting Actor?” or “How is this show four hours long?” – but thankfully, we can now close the book on one great mystery: “Why did Aaron Rodgers buy Savannah Smiles?”

For those who may have dozed off, during the show, Oscars host Chris Rock implored audience to “reach into your millionaire pockets” and buy some Girl Scout Cookies from his daughters’ troop. And reach they did – buying more than $65,000 of the treats.

Yet, somehow, despite being a two-time NFL MVP, Rodgers – who was there with his girlfriend Olivia Munn – ended up with the crummiest of all Girl Scout Cookies, the lowly Savannah Smile, which prompted TMZ Sports to publish the salacious (yet entirely accurate) headline “Aaron Rodgers Buys Worst Girl Scout Cookies.”

Well, late Monday, Rodgers took to Twitter to clear the air. Turns out, the Smiles were given to him – if he had a choice, he would’ve gone with anything else.

John Axford Probably Won MLB’s Oscars Pool

You may know John Axford as Major League Baseball’s facial hair MVP, but the Oakland A’s reliever may also be baseball’s biggest movie buff ­– one who earned his bachelor’s degree in film at Notre Dame and even presented a documentary at the Hamilton Film Festival in November of 2015.

Axford also puts his expertise to good use whenever it’s awards season, too: He’s been sharing his Oscars predictions with the world since 2013, when he went 14-for-15, then followed that up with a perfect 18-for-18 in 2014. Last year, he tried his hand at predicting the winners in every category, and finished a respectable 17-for-24. So he was back at it again for this year’s show – and he went 17-for-24 yet again.

The Ax Man got a number of the big categories correct, such as Leonardo DiCaprio winning Best Actor (and not in the form of a lifetime achievement award, he wants you to know) and Alejandro G. Inarritu taking home his second Best Director award. Among the ones he missed, a couple were toss-ups – Best Live Action Short and Best Documentary Short – while the others were somewhat surprising, like Sylvester Stallone not taking home Best Supporting Actor

V for Victory

The U.S. women’s national soccer team has a lot to celebrate. On Sunday, July 5, the team took home the FIFA Women’s World Cup trophy in Vancouver, Canada, beating Japan 5-2 and giving the United States its record third Women’s World Cup title.

The team broke other records as well. Carli Lloyd, who plays midfield, came through for her team early in the game. Lloyd scored three goals in the first 16 minutes of the match, bringing the score to 4-0. Her hat trick, or three-goal score, was the fastest in World Cup history. She also became the first American since Michelle Akers in 1991 to score multiple goals in a World Cup final.

“I’m so proud and so zapped at the same time. It’s a surreal moment,” Lloyd told reporters after her team’s win. “It’s been amazing. We just wrote history and brought this World Cup trophy home.”

Meeting Again

This is not the first time the U.S. women’s soccer team has played Japan in a high-stakes game. During the 2011 World Cup finals in Frankfurt, Germany, the U.S. came close to beating Japan. However, Japan prevailed, winning 3-1 on a penalty shootout after being

Fabulous Freebirds to Enter WWE Hall of Fame – Finally

During their hard-charging heyday, the Fabulous Freebirds never waited for anything. From their legendary rivalries inside the ring to their equally legendary reputations out of it, Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy and Buddy “Jack” Roberts (so named because of his affinity for Jack Daniel’s) did what they wanted, when they wanted, shaking up the pro wrestling world and forever changing the concept of what a tag team could be.

So you can probably guess how they felt watching other teams earn enshrinement in the WWE Hall of Fame before they did. But on Monday, the Freebirds’ wait finally ended, as they were announced as inductees in the 2016 HOF class. And as lone surviving original member Hayes jokes, it’s about time.

“Well, I don’t know what the rush was,” he laughs. “Every year around this time, I’d be on pins and needles, hoping we’d get in, because our career speaks for itself. We put asses in seats…and I think you could take a poll of anybody who ever paid their hard-earned money to come see us, and they’d say they got more than their money’s worth. And that was huge to us, because we were wrestling fans too.”

The Freebirds began

Kanye West Rapped ‘Yeezus’ for Dwight Howard in a Maternity Ward

At this point, is there a Kanye West story you wouldn’t believe? No? Good, now here’s Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard to tell you about the time Kanye rapped Yeezus for him in a maternity ward.

This all took place in June of 2013, when Kim Kardashian gave birth to North West. According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye were unable to lock down one of the super fancy suites at Cedars-Sinai, because North came five weeks early and someone had already booked the room they wanted. That someone turned out to be Howard – which Kanye discovered when he was roaming the ward wondering who the hell took the room.

Then, because he is Kanye, he decided to give Howard a sneak peek of Yeezus  – the album would be released later that month – and began rapping along to the tracks as though he were surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, not hundreds of crying babies.

“My son and his daughter were in the same hospital when they were born,” Howard told The Players’ Tribune. “He was down the hall from me, he was trying to figure out who bought the big room. ‘Yo man, you bought the big room?’ I was like, ‘My bad man, I didn’t

A Big Night for Sports

Last Thursday in Los Angeles, California, Nickelodeon showered top athletes with orange blimp trophies and tons of green slime. The Kids’ Choice Sports Awards honored retired New York Yankee Derek Jeter, the World Cup champion U.S. women’s soccer team, and many other star players. Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson hosted the event.

How do the awards work? Every year, kids vote online for their favorite athletes in categories like Best Male and Female Athlete, Favorite Newcomer, Sickest Moves, and Clutch Player of the Year.

New England Patriots football player Malcolm Butler was nominated for the Favorite Newcomer award. “I love the energy and how everyone is having a great time,” Butler told TFK. “I feel like a kid again.”

For the Win!

Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry took home three trophies, for Best Male Athlete, Clutch Player of the Year, and Sickest Moves. The Golden State Warriors are this year’s NBA champions.

Soccer star Alex Morgan, who plays for the Portland Thorns, won Best Female Athlete. She played on the U.S. women’s national soccer team, which recently won the World Cup.

Some of the night’s other big winners include Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas (Most Enthusiastic

Closing Time

Thousands of athletes from around the globe gathered on Sunday at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, in Los Angeles, California. They attended the closing ceremonies of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. The games began on July 25. They featured athletes with intellectual disabilities competing in sports ranging from weightlifting to soccer. At the closing ceremonies, the athletes received praise and applause for their achievements.

“It’s truly been an incredible experience and a great time,” said Icelandic soccer player Thor Haklidason before the closing event.

An intellectual disability is a condition that limits intellectual functioning and social- and daily-living skills. To participate in the Special Olympics, each participant must qualify through an official regional competition. The athletes are then divided into groups of people of similar age and ability. The top three finishers in each contest earn gold, silver, and bronze medals. But every competitor gets a participation ribbon and the chance to stand on the victory platform following their competition.

“These games have been life-changing,” said Patrick McClenahan, president and chief executive of the games’ organizing committee. “We hope that this will only be a spark that will light the world on fire with the enthusiasm, courage, acceptance and inclusion for all

Pouring Beers on Paul Rudd

In short, he was part of a core group of young talent that was tasked with resurrecting a franchise that had fallen on hard times (to put it mildly): The Royals hadn’t made the MLB postseason since winning the World Series in 1985 and had managed just one winning season in the decade before he was drafted. By 2011, much of that core had made their way to the majors, including Hosmer, who batted .293 and hit 19 home runs in his debut season – good enough for a third-place finish in A.L. Rookie of the Year voting. It seemed those expectations were well-founded. But the Royals, flush with fresh-faced players, still finished 20 games under .500, then followed that up with a 72-90 record in 2012.

Still, something was stirring in Kansas City. In 2013, the Royals won 86 games (their most since 1989), then broke out big time in 2014, embarking on an improbable run that brought them all the way back to the World Series, where they lost in excruciating fashion – in Game 7, with the tying run standing on third base – to the San Francisco Giants. Baseball doesn’t often afford teams second chances, but

How I Made It: Anita L. DeFrantz, president of the LA84 Foundation

The gig: Olympic medalist Anita L. DeFrantz, 61, is president and a director of the LA84 Foundation, the charitable organization that runs off an endowment of surplus funds from the Los Angeles Olympic Games. In the three decades since those games, LA84 has donated more than $214 million to more than 1,100 Southern California youth sports programs, providing opportunities for more than 3 million children. DeFrantz has spent nearly half her life with the organization, formerly known as the Amateur Athletic Foundation. She was named president in 1987.

Champion performer: DeFrantz was on rowing teams that won six U.S championships and reached the world championship finals four times. She earned a bronze medal in the 1976 Olympics and a silver medal in the 1978 world rowing competition. She made the rowing team for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, but couldn’t compete because of the U.S. boycott. DeFrantz was elected to the International Olympic Committee in 1986 and to the IOC’s executive board in 1992. In 1997, DeFrantz was the first woman elected vice president of the organization. Last year, she was elected again to the IOC board.

No sports allowed: DeFrantz was born in Philadelphia; her

Ronda Rousey ‘Died’ at UFC 193, Sister Says

Saying Ronda Rousey was devastated after her loss to Holly Holm would be an understatement.

In an interview with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne earlier this month, Rousey spoke about her shocking defeat to Holm for the first time. While it was clear that the only loss of her UFC career hit her hard – “I’m just really fucking sad,” she said – Rousey may have been underselling the impact of the defeat just a bit. Because according to sister Maria Burns Ortiz, part of Rowdy died that night in Australia.

“I haven’t rewatched [the fight],” Ortiz wrote on Vice Sports. “I haven’t read about it. I won’t. I don’t see a point in reliving the moment when a part of my loved one died, when I saw someone I cared about have her soul crushed.”

What angered Ortiz the most was the reaction from people following Rousey’s loss. Other than the regular flood of trolls, it didn’t help that a number of high-profile fight fans – Lady Gaga, Donald Trump and 50 Cent (or was it actually Floyd Mayweather?) to name a few – basically laughed in her face. That’s what happens when

New York Knicks’ Cleanthony Early Shot in Robbery

For the second time this month, a New York Knick has been the target of a robbery. But this time, things got violent.

Shortly after leaving CityScapes Gentlemen’s Club in Queens on Wednesday morning, Knicks forward Cleanthony Early was reportedly held up by a group of six individuals wearing ski masks. He had entered an Uber car around 4:15 a.m., but the vehicle was boxed in a mile away from the strip club in a coordinated robbery. According to the Daily News, the thieves made off with a gold necklace, the gold caps on his teeth and some cash.

Early, 24, was also shot in the right knee during the stick-up and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he is in stable condition. New York’s WABC-TV reported that the Uber driver and the woman Early was with also escaped serious injury.

The Knicks released the following statement on Wednesday morning: “We are aware of what occurred with Cleanthony Early this morning and are relieved that he is not in a life-threatening situation. We will not comment any further until we receive more information.”

Following the incident, current and former teammates took

O.C. veterans propose cemetery on former Marine base

When American Legion Chaplain Bill Cook peered through the chain-link fence at the windswept landscape — a broken runway, scrubby fields and green foothills in the distance — he remembered the Phantoms.

The fighter jets were once a regular sight, slicing through the air over what was for decades a bustling military base.

“The jets would just roar,” he said on a recent afternoon at the old U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro.

Now the Vietnam veteran is leading the charge to transform a small piece of that land into a final resting place for Orange County’s veterans.

Cook and others have been pushing for a veterans cemetery here since El Toro closed in 1999, but the idea is finally gathering steam as the old base is transformed into a sprawling park and neighborhoods of new homes.

The proposal has gained the support of legislators, county supervisors, city officials and veterans groups, though some have worried about a sustainable funding source.

But the most daunting hurdle may well be placing a cemetery next to planned tracts of homes that are being marketed to Asians.

The developer who is building the thousands

Floyd Mayweather Drops $10 Million on Jewelry, Because Life Isn’t Fair

You didn’t think we’d be able to make it through the final days of 2015 without one last Floyd Mayweather story, did you?

After all, this year, the man they call “Money” fleeced America out of millions by slow-dancing with Manny Pacquiao for 12 rounds, feuded with Ronda Rousey, dropped $50,000 at a Miami strip club, sparred while holding stacks of $100 bills, bought the most expensive car in the world, had the club going up (to his condo) on a Monday, sang karaoke in Bora Bora with Justin Bieber and didn’t share any of his crystal cake.

Oh, and he also supposedly retired.

Now, he’s found a fitting way to cap off a year of excess and asinine behavior: By spending $10 million on jewelry. At least. Hey, it is the holiday season, after all.

According to TMZ – who went through the trouble of contacting Mayweather’s rep for this – one of his new pieces is a 50-carat pinky ring, which looks big enough to fit on someone’s first. (Seriously, just look at it). The second is a 74-diamond necklace, which is ridiculous in and of itself, until you learn that each of those diamonds is three

Take a look, college football recruiters

College football recruiters have their GPS devices powered on as they begin visiting high schools to evaluate players over the next month. Let me provide a few suggestions on players who have been overlooked so far.

Maybe they don’t fit a height-weight requirement. Maybe they were injured last season. Maybe they don’t participate in seven-on-seven all-star passing tournaments. Maybe they play multiple sports.

Whatever the reason for not receiving early buzz, these players will be standouts in the fall, and it’s far more relevant how someone performs in a real game compared with how they look running around a red cone.

David Cooper, Los Angeles Loyola, 5-10, 192 pounds. Cooper was the backup running back to Nico Evans last season. “There won’t be a better player,” Coach Marvin Sanders said. Cooper has a 34-inch vertical leap and has run a 4.58 40 meters. “He’s the real deal,” Sanders said.

Aaron Haigler, Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, 6-7, 230. Haigler also plays basketball and runs track. He’s a tight end and defensive end just beginning to reach his potential. Humble, hard working and a good listener, he’ll start to get noticed soon.

Malik McMorris, Santa Ana Mater

VKM has a nefarious plan for Roman, Heath Slater finds a new drecking crew and Lesnar’s return is made official in San Antonio

Ah, San Antonio, home of multi-time WWE/F World Champion Shawn Michaels, the many-times-over NBA champions Spurs and this. But last night, America’s most venerable mohair-manufacturing city (it’s true) played host to a different, more insidious kind of royalty: those dastardly McMahons. Or at least Vince and Stephanie, since Triple H continues waiting for the optimal moment – Royal Rumble, methinks – to strike and sabotage Roman Reigns and likely put in motion their collision at WrestleMania.

And representing the lower rungs of sports-entertainment prestige was the newly formed Social Outcasts, who abetted the further degradation of poor Dolph Ziggler. Titles were retained, Rumble stakes were raised and some guy with a bunch of dated catchphrases came out in an ill-fitting vest and interrupted the most entertaining superstars in pro wrestling today (all due respect to Joey Ryan). Oh, yeah, and AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and the Bullet Club are probably coming to WWE. NBD.

So until the cavalry arrives – and without any further delay to discuss various superstars who will try and fail to claim Reigns’ title on January 24 – here are the five key things (in addition to the

Donald Sterling and the problem of pro sports ownership

So Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, stands accused of having made remarks of unbelievable crassness and flavored with a racism that would bring a tear to the eye of Cliven Bundy.

Are you surprised? Me neither. Sterling’s record of difficulty with racial issues is well-documented, including two lawsuits (one from the federal government) alleging racially discriminatory rental practices at his real estate properties. He settled both for millions.

Then there was the lawsuit from long-term Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor accusing Sterling of racial and age discrimination; Baylor lost his case in a 2011 jury trial. Another accusation of racist rhetoric, attributed to veteran college basketball coach Rollie Massimino, dates back to the 1980s. And there’s more.

The fact that Sterling has survived all these prior dustups — and the betting here is that he’ll survive this one, too — says less about Sterling himself than it does about America’s unhealthy relationship with its pro sports tycoons and about the unhealthy structure of pro sports leagues.

Let’s start with the character of the men (and a few women) who have been members of this tiny club.